Jasmine Pearls (Organic)



This charming tea emits a smooth, green flavour with strong floral notes. It takes only 6-8 pearls to make a tasty cup, compared to a teaspoon of regular loose tea. These tea pearls can be left to steep a little longer without consequence, or you may just leave the pearls in the water as you drink. Watch as each tea pearl unravels beautifully in your cup, releasing its delicate floral aroma.

Iced Tea Approved


Jasmine Pearls (Organic)

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Two leaves and a bud make up each gently hand-rolled tea pearl; hand rolling helps to preserve the natural oils present in the leaves. Prior to this, the tea leaves are heat-infused with jasmine blossoms 8-10 times over the course of several nights, in order to achieve the desired strength of Jasmine aroma. While green teas are made at various times during the year, the most flavorful ones are typically plucked in the spring. The most fragrant jasmine flowers, however blossom in the summer; therefore a lot of skill is required by Jasmine Pearl tea makers to strike a good balance between the leaves and the flowers.


Organic Jasmine-scented green tea pearls


6-8 pearls  8 oz. cup 185°F    2-3 min.


Tried & Tested Tips

  • To prevent your tea from becoming bitter, use water that is just under boiling point and avoid over-steeping.
  • 4-6 pearls is enough to make one regular cup of green tea
  • Great with white sugar, brown sugar, sweetener, honey, agave and maple syrup
  • Not suitable with dairy products.


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40g, 60g, 100g, 200g

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