Mind & Body - Herbal Tea Bundle


HERBAL TEA   |   CAFFEINE-FREE (Excluding One Tea)

Get back in tune with your body’s signals and banish those negative feelings with the perfect herbal tea bundle, geared towards helping you be the best version of you. Our selection of herbal teas assist in reducing stress, improving digestion, cleansing the system and replenishing the body with essential nutrients and antioxidants we may not otherwise obtain through our diets. Our Mind & Body Herbal Tea Bundle comes with (from left to right): Stress Less—Tulsi Rose, Detoxify—German Blend, Mint Recovery, and Yerba Maté Mangosteen.

Choose one of three size options:

Small bundle with 40g of each tea

Medium bundle with 60g of each tea

Large bundle with 100g of each tea.


Mind & Body - Herbal Tea Bundle

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Stress Less—Tulsi Rose: Blended with scarlet rose petals and calming chamomile, our stress-reducing tulsi blend helps the body adapt to outside stressors, while soothing the nerves, and regulating blood flow in the body. Ingredients: (*Organic) tulsi*, chamomile*, lemon myrtle*, rose petals*, natural flavour, stevia*.

Detoxify—German BlendUtilizing an old German recipe, this organic blend works to gently cleanse the system of toxins while also strengthening the organs responsible for detoxification-the liver and kidney. Ingredients: (All Organic) Liquorice, ginger root, honeybush, rooibos, lemongrass, peppermint, fennel, dandelion root, orange peel, red clover, burdock root, nettle leaves, and lucerne.

Mint Recovery: This all-natural tea blend helps to rejuvenate the lungs, relieve digestive discomfort while also helping to support a healthy immune system. Ingredients: Lemongrass, eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint, liquorice, apple mint, hyssop, cornflower petals, natural peppermint flavour.

Yerba Maté Mangosteen: Used traditionally as a stimulant, digestive aid, and a tonic for depression, this special Yerba Maté blend carries a sweet mangosteen taste. Contains Caffeine. Ingredients: Yerba Maté green, mango bits, pineapple bits, citrus peels, mangosteen peels, flavour, sunflower petals.


1-2 tsp     8 oz. cup    212°F    5-7 min.


Tried & Tested Tips

  • Use boiling water when preparing herbal teas.
  • Use a little more of the blend and steep for a while longer for a more intense flavour (and for iced teas).
  • Great with white sugar, sweetener, honey, agave and maple syrup.
  • Not suitable with dairy products.

Additional information


40g, 60g, 100g

Free Sample

Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea, French Provence Rooibos, German Detox Herbal Tea, Lemon Ginseng Green Tea, Dragonwell-Long Jing Green Tea, Masala Chai Black Tea, Mint Recovery Herbal Tea, Stress Less-Tulsi Rose Herbal Tea, Mango Magic Green/White Tea, None


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