Lord of Java



The Broken-Leaf Java (also known as Sumatra tea) offers a deep, rigid taste that lingers after each sip, perfect for those needing a little more in their cup of tea. This tea can be further enriched with cream or milk to achieve a velvety, smooth brew that feels simply luxurious in your mouth. Iced milk tea? This is the one.


Lord of Java

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More than just a regular tea plant; the medicinal properties in the Java leaves make it a diuretic, giving it the unofficial name “Indian kidney tea”. Typically, teas like black or green teas come from the camellia sinensis plant. This particular black tea however, derives from the extraordinary Orthosiphon plant, which flourishes on the Indonesian island of Java. Studies have found that the Ursolic and Oleanic acid contained in this plant may help with age-related deficits in short-term memory by preventing neuronal death and oxidative stress in the brain.


Broken-leaf Java tea


1 full tsp     8 oz.    212°F      3-5 min

Tried & Tested Tips

  • For a light black tea, avoid going over the recommended steep time.
  • For a rich black tea (that can be paired with milk or cream) you may steep for a little longer; the dairy product will help to mute out the bitter taste a little bit and give the brew a creamy taste.
  • Suitable with white sugar, brown sugar, sweetener, honey and maple syrup.

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