Dark Classics - Black Tea Bundle



These classic brews are as rich and inviting as the history behind their popularity. We gathered together the most enticing of black tea blends to bring you the warmth of Persian spice and the robust strength in black tea that is the favourite of people in East Frisia, Germany. Allow your appreciation for black tea to wander a little further from home. Our Black Tea Bundle includes (from left to right) Chocolate Chili Truffle, Earl Grey Lavender, East Friesland, and Persian Spice. 

Choose one of three size options:

Small bundle with 40g of each tea

Medium bundle with 60g of each tea

Large bundle with 100g of each tea.


Dark Classics - Black Tea Bundle

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Chocolate Chili Truffle: A soothing cocoa-inspired black tea with a hint of chili warmth. Ingredients: Black tea (Ceylon, South Indian), cocoa pieces, flavour, rose pepper, white chocolate pieces, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, bourbon vanilla, chili pieces.

Earl Grey Lavender: An enchanting cup of tea for those who love Earl Grey, we’ve added lavender flowers to give this blend a special flair, and a luxurious aroma. Ingredients: (*Organic) *Ceylon black tea, *lavender flowers, *oil of bergamot, flavour.

East Friesland: A popular morning tea in East Germany, this cup boasts a malty-spicy taste and produces a dark copper infusion. Enjoyed alone or with with cream and sugar. Ingredients: Black Tea (Assam, Java, and Ceylon)

Persian Spice: This beautiful light black tea has a refined chai taste with balanced spice tones and an exquisite aroma. Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, ginger bits, cardamom, cloves, flavour, black pepper, rose petals, vanilla bits, and safflowers.



1-2 tsp     8 oz. cup    212°F    3-5 min.


Tried & Tested Tips

  • For a light black tea, steep for the minimal amount of time.
  • For a rich black tea (that can be paired with milk or cream) you may steep for a little longer; the dairy product will help to mute out the bitter taste a little bit and give the brew a creamy taste.
  • Suitable with white sugar, brown sugar, sweetener, honey, agave, condensed milk and maple syrup.

Additional information


40g, 60g, 100g

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Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea, French Provence Rooibos, German Detox Herbal Tea, Lemon Ginseng Green Tea, Dragonwell-Long Jing Green Tea, Masala Chai Black Tea, Mint Recovery Herbal Tea, Stress Less-Tulsi Rose Herbal Tea, Mango Magic Green/White Tea, None


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