A Fresh Start - Green Tea Bundle



Start everyday FRESH. Begin by putting down your usual cup of tea, and introduce your taste buds to new and exciting blends of rejuvenating green teas. Our Green Tea Bundle includes fruity and nutty blends along with the elegant Jasmine Pearl—perfect for tea fanatics who just get enough of the green goodness! Tea Bundle contains (from left to right): Long Jing (Dragonwell), Golden Pineapple, Jasmine Pearls, and Strawberry Glow Green/White Tea. 

Choose one of three size options:

Small bundle with 40g of each tea

Medium bundle with 60g of each tea

Large bundle with 100g of each tea.

All Iced Tea Approved


A Fresh Start - Green Tea Bundle

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Long Jing (Dragonwell): This mellow brew, with a fresh-cut grass undertone wrapped in a toasted hazelnut flavour produces a cup of tea that will cool and calm the drinker. Ingredients: Organic Dragonwell green tea (Long Jing).

Golden Pineapple: A soft green tea brimming with sweetness of ripe pineapples, and enriched with spicy turmeric. Ingredients: Green tea, pineapple bits (pineapple, sugar, citric acid (acidifier)), natural flavour, pineapple chips, turmeric powder, tea blossoms.

Jasmine Pearls: A charming green tea that emits a smooth, green flavour with strong floral notes. Jasmine-infused green tea pearls. Ingredients: Organic Jasmine-scented green tea pearls

Strawberry Glow: A weave of distinguished green teas from Japan and China, along with notable Bai Mudan white tea, embellished with flavours of ripened strawberries. Ingredients: Chinese green tea, Bai Mudan white tea, Long Jing green tea, Japanese Genmaicha tea (Bancha green tea, brown rice, corn), flavour, strawberry bits, sunflower petals.


1-2 tsp     8 oz. cup    185°F    1-2 min.


Tried & Tested Tips

  • To prevent your tea from becoming bitter, use water that is just under boiling point and avoid over-steeping.
  • Use a little more of the blend for a more intense flavour (especially for iced teas).
  • Great with white sugar, brown sugar, sweetener, honey, agave and maple syrup
  • Not suitable with dairy products.

Additional information


40g, 60g, 100g

Free Sample

Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea, French Provence Rooibos, German Detox Herbal Tea, Lemon Ginseng Green Tea, Dragonwell-Long Jing Green Tea, Masala Chai Black Tea, Mint Recovery Herbal Tea, Stress Less-Tulsi Rose Herbal Tea, Mango Magic Green/White Tea, None


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