Motivation and Warmth

        Drinking tea has become for us, more than just a daily ritual. Our love of the steeped cup has brought various flavours and much pleasure into our lives, and we relished in the idea of  introducing others to this experience of flavour and the joys that come with a cup of tea. In our attempt to satisfying your palate, we hope that perhaps you, the customer would like to partake of the wonderful romance of tea culture as well, while also gaining knowledge of the various types of teas and the healing properties within them. At Redmond Tea, we share our knowledge and impressions along with our products, hoping that you will benefit from making tea your recreational drink of choice, as opposed to the conventional juice, soda, or alcohol.

       Not only do we encourage healthy habits through tea, but we also strive to make that experience enjoyable with the many blends and flavours you can choose from. There are many types of teas and each type has its special qualities that make it unique from other types. We also find that tea has different effects on different persons; it can serve as companion when you are alone, a comforting drink that lifts your spirits, a safe retreat when you are burdened with stress, or a stimulant when you need one more hour to get through your work. Furthermore, each batch of tea that is brewed, consciously or subconsciously teaches you mindfulness, and patience, and the simple aesthetic of the everyday. These are values we all need and the daily practice of refining them in our tea rituals will make them both familiar and more precious to us.

       Looking at tea through bigger lenses made one thing very clear: we wanted tea to reach more people. In this age of instant electronic chatter, it would be refreshing to regrow a culture that makes us pause or stop at the quieter and more delicate aspects of life. We also want to bring back the conversation, and the real-life interactions that are more easily achieved through two or three cups of tea with real people.

       So are we serious about tea? And is our experience of tea the mere height of your cup? Yes and yes! We are committed to bringing you a little extra health, harmony and joy—joys that only a warm (or cold) brew can bring.

       At Redmond Tea, we trust that there is a blend to satisfy every palate, and touch every heart. Choose from our delicious new blends, or try something more traditional if you prefer. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we will work on finding it for you.

Warm regards,

The Redmond Tea Team